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#NextStarProject: Chicago’s Funny People | Next Star Vodka

#NextStarProject: Chicago’s Funny People

For years Chicago has been a breeding ground for national and worldly comedy.  With Stephen Colbert’s ascension into David Letterman’s late show spot on CBS, the Chicago Tribune provides a great story about Chicago’s role in the comedic world:

For some in Chicago, the anointing of Stephen Colbert as the successor to David Letterman this month was a watershed, greatly-to-be-savored moment of total establishment dominance by the Chicago comedy school — as propagated by such venerable institutions as The Second City, iO, the Annoyance Theatre and the Chicago Improv Festival, and their various spinoffs, ensembles and gurus.

Chicago has no significant claim on Jimmy Fallon, the charming new host of “The Tonight Show.” But it does on Colbert. And on Seth Meyers. And Tina Fey. And Amy Poehler. Et cetera. In fact, after Letterman retires, on a date yet to be specified, performers who cut their teeth in Chicago will sit in two out of three of network TV’s most historically prestigious comedic seats — Colbert at CBS and Meyers at NBC. Meanwhile, Fey, whose portfolio and influence yet are broader and more flexible, is in a place to do pretty much whatever she wishes in the whole wide world of comedy, be it live, on television or on film. Poehler is not so far removed from that position.

Here is a of Colbert from the Second City 50th Anniversary show:



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