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#NextStarProject: Summer of The Hawk

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Summer in Chicago is usually reserved for beaches, beverages, and sometimes baseball (although not recently).  However, this year is clearly the Summer of The Hawk. After a thoroughly entertaining regular season and a captivating Stanley Cup championship, it seems like everyone wants to talk about the Hawks. While we totally understand the desire, it can become overwhelming.  You’ve probably read a ton of articles and have seen a ton of content on this subject, so we didn’t want to bore […]

#NextStarProject: Bulls Halt Heat; Fans Rejoice

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Streaks have been a hot topic in Chicago recently (see Blackhawks awesome streak).  This week a Chicago team was in the streak discussion recently, but it was in the role of spoiler.  As you probably know, the Bulls beat the Miami Heat on Wednesday, 3/27 to halt LeBron’s quest for the unfathomable 33 straight wins (the Heat were at 27 until they lost to the Bulls). Anyway, it’s great the Bulls beat the Heat.  Congrats!  Way to go Chicago!  However, […]

#NextStarProject: Being La-di-da-ish in Chicago

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Chicago is a world class city with world class events.  We know it.  You know it. While world class means different things to different people, in our opinion it means things that you can only do in “certain” cities throughout our globe.  And with that said, the blog Chicagoist highlights some of the more high-profile (or as we like to say la-di-da-ish) events in 2013. One that really caught our attention: The Second City Guide to the Opera, presented by […]

#NextStarProject: Chicago’s Homicide Problem

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Almost every time we talk to someone who doesn’t live in Chicago, one of the first things we hear is something pertaining to our infamous homicide rate.  This isn’t surprising as it’s getting a lot of play nationally.  Whether it’s in political circles or mainstream news, it’s often one of the leading stories about Chicago. We recently read a startling synopsis by the New York Times that looks at the homicide problem and how it’s amazingly afflicting the South and West side’s […]

#NextStarProject: Chicago – We Our Smart!

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Not sure how to feel about this recent post we read on Fast Company listing “The Top 10 Smartest Cities in North America”.  While it’s good to be considered a smart city…#8 in North America isn’t anything to write home about if you ask us.  The blurb in the article states this about our fair city: Former Mayor Richard Daley helped usher in numerous innovations and was committed to greening the city, and under Rahm Emanuel, the city seems to […]

#NextStarProject: Obama’s Victory and its Impact on Chicago

It goes without saying that it’s nice to have friends in high places.  This couldn’t be truer for Chicago as the dust has begun to settle on President Barack Obama’s election victory last week.  So what does this mean for his adopted hometown?  Some hope it means federal money for big ticket items — Fox Chicago takes a look: Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News    

#NextStarProject: CTU Strike Ends; Kids Back in School

Out of all of the things playing a formative role in Chicago’s history and future, education is most certainly at the top of the list.  Regardless of how you feel about the politics of the recent Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), it’s good to see kids going back to school. For those of you wanting a quick summary, we just read an editorial piece from the Chicago Tribune, which sums up the recent compromise succinctly: We’ll save you the trouble of […]