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#NextStarProject: Chicago’s Funny People

For years Chicago has been a breeding ground for national and worldly comedy.  With Stephen Colbert’s ascension into David Letterman’s late show spot on CBS, the Chicago Tribune provides a great story about Chicago’s role in the comedic world: For some in Chicago, the anointing of Stephen Colbert as the successor to David Letterman this month was a watershed, greatly-to-be-savored moment of total establishment dominance by the Chicago comedy school — as propagated by such venerable institutions as The Second […]


#NextStarProject: Chef Trotter – A True Chicago Star

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Charlie Trotter was and continues to be a legend in Chicago.  He was the epitome of what we consider a Chicago “star”.  Our condolences to his family and friends.  

#NextStarProject: Rahm Reps Chi on Letterman

Love or hate Rahm, he did a pretty good job reping Chicago last night on the Late Show with David Letterman.  At times he tries to be funny and that’s definitely not his strength, that being said it’s not easy being funny sitting across from a legend like Letterman (here is short clip from CBS): Anyway, good work Rahm.  Could you imagine da former mayor doing this?!?!?!?

#NextStarProject: Chiraq

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Not everything is roses in Chicago…far from it.  We posted about our homicide problem in January and the situation doesn’t seem tom be improving.  As the weather gets nicer, we usually see soaring statistics. The blog Chicagoist had an interesting post about a recent segment on HBO’s show VICE.  The segment was called “Chiraq” and it compared the death toll of our two most recent wars to Chicago’s murder rate.  We watched the segment and it was pretty shocking. Many […]

#NextStarProject: Chicago’s Homicide Problem

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Almost every time we talk to someone who doesn’t live in Chicago, one of the first things we hear is something pertaining to our infamous homicide rate.  This isn’t surprising as it’s getting a lot of play nationally.  Whether it’s in political circles or mainstream news, it’s often one of the leading stories about Chicago. We recently read a startling synopsis by the New York Times that looks at the homicide problem and how it’s amazingly afflicting the South and West side’s […]

#NextStarProject: Buddy Guy – A True Chicago Blues Legend

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We posted that Buddy Guy was receiving the prestigious Kennedy Center Honor’s award back in September and sure enough he received it. Best of all, the national broadcast of the award ceremony recently aired and Mr. Morgan Freeman does a great job of giving a synopsis of where Buddy came from and what he has evolved to: And we can’t do a post about Buddy Guy without showing some of the music he helped made famous (even though he wasn’t […]

#NextStarProject: Obama’s Victory and its Impact on Chicago

It goes without saying that it’s nice to have friends in high places.  This couldn’t be truer for Chicago as the dust has begun to settle on President Barack Obama’s election victory last week.  So what does this mean for his adopted hometown?  Some hope it means federal money for big ticket items — Fox Chicago takes a look: Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News    

#NextStarProject: Kids These Days Rep Chicago Well

Ok, so we might be a little late on the local band, Kids These Days, but that’s not going to prevent us from heaping praise upon them.  Kids These Days, is a multi-genre collaboration of goodness hailing from the Chi (via the Chicago Tribune): Most of the band members, all 18 and 19, studied jazz and improvisation at the Merit School of Music in the West Loop while attending various high schools, including Whitney Young, Lane Tech, and Oak Park and River […]

#NextStarProject: Buddy Guy to Receive the Kennedy Center Honors

Man we love Buddy Guy and man were we happy to read that he will be receiving one of the most prestigious honors out there (from the Chicagoist): Buddy Guy will receive the Kennedy Center honors alongside Led Zeppelin, Dustin Hoffman, David Letterman and ballerina Natalia Makarova. “With their extraordinary talent, creativity and tenacity, the seven 2012 Kennedy Center Honorees have contributed significantly to the cultural life of our nation and the world,” said Kennedy Center Chairman David M. Rubenstein. “Buddy Guy is a titan […]

#NextStarProject: Alinea Chef, Grant Achatz, Has Something to Show Jaded New Yorkers

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We love when people like to show off their Chicago pride — especially when it means sticking up to New Yorkers. We recently read an interesting story in the Chicago Tribune about Chicago’s most lauded restaurant, Alinea, trading spaces with one of New York’s, Eleven Madison Park: Two of the country’s most-acclaimed fine-dining restaurants will trade cities and spaces for one week this fall. New York’s Eleven Madison Park and Chicago’s Alinea — three Michelin-starred restaurants both — will swap chefs, kitchens and dining […]

#NextStarProject: Cubs Bet $30 Million on the Future

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The Cubs struggles are well documented and the 2012 season has been brutal.  But the Cubs made a move that could have the Northsiders primed for the future.  The Cubs won the  “Soler Sweepstakes,” signing Cuban superstar prospect Jorge Soler.  The outfielder is projected to make an immediate impact and his deal is worth, as the Chicago Tribune reported, $30 million dollars: Another piece of the Cubs’ future is now in place, although for those who have put their faith in Theo Epstein and […]