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#NextStarProject: Ideas to Boost Chicago Tourism = Glass-bubble airborne cable cars?

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You may ask, what the heck is a “Glass-bubble airborne cable car”?  And frankly we don’t know.  But what we do know is that Choose Chicago, a tourism and civic group whose main goal is to bolster tourism, is dreaming big and proposing some creative ideas to get more people to come to Chicago.

#NextStarProject: Intriguing Ideas for River Walk Expansion

We love public spaces. We love Lake Michigan. We love Grant Park. We love Millennium Park. And for that matter all the parks throughout Chicago.  Yes they can be filled with annoying tourists, but  we live in a beautiful city…obviously people are going to want to visit. We like the idea of the river, it’s just that at some places it doesn’t love us back. Well the city just unveiled new concepts to extend the river walk all the way down to […]

#NextStarProject: Kudos to the Chicago Broadband Challenge

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We like big ideas here at Next Star and perked up when we heard of the city’s ambitious new challenge to bolster its infrastructure (via the Chicago Tribune): Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveiled an ambitious plan Monday to establish Chicago as a hub for ultra-fast internet service and provide free Wi-Fi in public spaces. The city kicked off its “Chicago Broadband Challenge” by turning on free Wi-Fi in Millennium Park Monday morning. “Chicago will be one of the most connected cities in […]

#NextStarProject: Laughing at Yourself through Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters

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As the enlightening quote states: Learn to laugh at yourself, before anyone else can.   With this wisdom in mind, we highly suggest you take a look at the amazingly comedic tumblr page, Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters.  It’s chock-full of hilarity and given how passionate people are about their neighborhoods in Chicago, it probably wouldn’t hurt for them to laugh at themselves before others do.  Here’s one of our favorites:

#NextStarProject: Keep Michigan Avenue Classy

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In case you missed this story last week, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that flashing and changing signs could be coming to Michigan Avenue: The author of the proposal to allow Michigan Avenue malls to erect flashing and changing-image signs is trying to quell concerns that the Magnificent Mile would morph into a version of New York’s Times Square.   Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd, told the Tribune on Tuesday that the proposal would limit the signage to three malls on […]

On “Prohibition Day” Next Star is Officially Available in Chicago

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If you love vodka, you have to love “Prohibition Day” in Illinois.  From the Chicagoist: On this date in 1933, Illinois and Iowa became the 10th and 11th states to ratify the 21st Amendment repealing prohibition. It wasn’t until December 5, 1933 that a third of U.S. states had ratified the amendment to officially end prohibition. On that day, the Tribune says, “The Congress Hotel emptied 100 cases of champagne, 75 cases of whiskey, 75 cases of gin and 100 cases […]

#NextStarProject: Panera Introduces “Pay-What-You-Can” Restaurant in Lakeview

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Far too often, we hear of corporate greed and wrongdoing.  The newspapers are lined with stories of ignominious CEO’s and cheated consumers.  Panera is choosing to do something different.  With deep Chicago roots, Panera is trying to make an impact in the community.  Panera is opening a “a pay-what-you-can” cafe in Lakeview.  The Chicago Tribune’s take on it here: Panera is turning one of its first Chicago stores over to the community. The store at 616 W. Diversey Pkwy. is converting to a pay-what-you-can model […]

#NextStarProject: Chicago Infrastructure Trust – Lacking Foresight or Visionary?

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Infrastructure in the United States is crumbling.  Cities and states around the country simply can’t afford to invest in projects unless they’re deemed absolutely necessary.  Chicago isn’t immune to this dilemma.  With that said, Mayor Emanuel is trying to circumvent this problem and has now gained approval on an innovative public/private partnership to fund these shortages.  The Economist does a good job of cutting to the chase: For years America has talked about a federal infrastructure bank, which would blend private and […]

Our Inspiration and Our Mission

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In 1917, the flag of Chicago was created with two red stars, each commemorating “formative events” in the city’s history: The Great Chicago Fire The World’s Fair As inspiration, the original flag design left open space for Chicagoans to pursue their next star. In 1930’s, Chicago added two additional stars to the flag: The Century of Progress Exposition (added in 1933) Fort Dearborn (added in 1939) Since then, many proposals honoring people and events have been put forth for memorialization […]