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The Difference | Next Star Vodka

The Difference

We Only Use the “Hearts of the Run”

For every batch of vodka produced in a single still, there are three parts in the distillation process:

  1. The Heads
  2. The Hearts
  3. The Tails

The first part, The Heads, are toxic and bitter alcohols that are discarded.

The second part is The Hearts. This is the good stuff and what we use to ensure that Next Star Vodka lives up to its “second to none” mantra. We meticulously collect these naturally sweet spirits one batch at a time to ensure that we only capture the best for our vodka.

The final part of the distillation is The Tails. This part contains more impurities. Most distillers recycle The Tails or use other distillation techniques with the intentions of increasing their yield.

Next Star Vodka only contains the “hearts of the run”.

This is thanks to our master distiller’s dedication to carefully monitoring each batch, methodically tasting and testing to ensure that we’re collecting the true hearts of the distillation process.